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btvsshippers's Journal

The Buffyverse Shippers' Haven
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All Members , Moderated
This community is for supporters of all ships from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel the Series, both slash and het. Here, you can post fic (although anything longer than a drabble, and anything NC-17, should be put under an LJ-cut) and posts discussing your favourite ship. No ship-bashing or other flaming will be tolerated, and the mod asks you to report it if you spot it going on. Thank you and welcome!
adam/maggie, amy/willow, andrew/spike, andrew/warren, andrew/wesley, andrew/xander, angel/buffy, angel/cordelia, angel/darla, angel/doyle, angel/drusilla, angel/faith, angel/fred, angel/giles, angel/gunn, angel/host, angel/kate, angel/lilah, angel/lindsey, angel/oz, angel/riley, angel/wesley, angel/willow, angel/xander, angelus/beast, angelus/buffy, angelus/cordelia, angelus/darla, angelus/drusilla, angelus/faith, angelus/giles, angelus/lilah, angelus/lindsey, angelus/riley, angelus/spike, angelus/wesley, angelus/william, angelus/willow, angelus/xander, anya/buffy, anya/giles, anya/spike, anya/tara, anya/willow, anya/xander, beast/cordelia, buffy/cordelia, buffy/faith, buffy/giles, buffy/jonathan, buffy/riley, buffy/spike, buffy/tara, buffy/wes, buffy/wesley, buffy/willow, buffy/xander, connor/cordelia, cordelia/doyle, cordelia/faith, cordelia/fred, cordelia/groo, cordelia/harmony, cordelia/lilah, cordelia/lindsey, cordelia/spike, cordelia/wesley, cordelia/willow, cordelia/xander, cordy/harmony, cordy/lindsey, darla/drusilla, darla/lindsey, dawn/connor, dawn/faith, dawn/spike, dawn/tara, dawn/wesley, dawn/xander, devon/oz, doyle/wesley, ethan/giles, faith/fred, faith/gunn, faith/kennedy, faith/lilah, faith/spike, faith/wes, faith/wesley, faith/willow, faith/wood, faith/xander, forrest/riley, fred/gunn, fred/lilah, fred/wesley, fred/willow, giles/jenny, giles/joyce, giles/olivia, giles/oz, giles/spike, giles/wesley, giles/willow, giles/xander, graham/riley, graham/xander, gunn/gwen, gunn/wesley, harmony/spike, holtz/justine, joyce/faith, joyce/spike, joyce/xander, justine/wes, justine/wesley, kennedy/willow, larry/xander, lilah/wes, lilah/wesley, lindsey/oz, lindsey/riley, lindsey/wes, lindsey/wesley, maggie/riley, oz/wesley, oz/willow, oz/xander, riley/spike, riley/xander, spike/angel, spike/darla, spike/drusilla, spike/tara, spike/wesley, spike/willow, spike/xander, tara/willow, wesley/xander, willow/xander